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Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Counter Seat

Fully experience and feel Kyoto Gion's culture and tradition through your five senses.

Shorenin Monzeki-mae TSUKIOKA

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine children 12up

A place where the true essence of Japan and its culinary culture can be experienced with all five senses.


Osaka Tempura Baby OK

A rare 1-Michelin starred traditional Japanese cuisine establishment where incredible Tempura is the main course.


Osaka French cuisine children 12up

The pinnacle of French Cuisine in Osaka crfeated through experience and creative individuality.

Ippoh Chayamachi

Osaka Tempura Baby OK

"Ippoh" An acclaimed and historic tempura restaurant of Osaka

Kobe steak restaurant ROYAL MOURIYA

Kobe Wagyu Beef children 12up

Shimogamo Saryo

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

A time-honored establishment of Kyoto Cha-Kaiseki cuisine with over 150 years of history and tradition.

Saryo Nicoca

Other Regions Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Authentic traditional Japanese cuisine enjoyed in an atmospheric Edo period-built restaurant in Kanayamachi.

Edition Koji Shimomura

Tokyo French cuisine children 7up

2-Michelin starred French Cuisine in which treasured ingredients are transformed into an unique and original Edition.

Bifteck Kawamura Kobe Honten

Kobe Wagyu Beef Baby OK

Providing "the finest Kobe beef" is Kawamura's promise.

Yakumo Saryo

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine children 12up

A place of dining and cuisine where Japanese culture is meets modern styles.

Bifteck Kawamura Himeji

Other Regions Wagyu Beef Baby OK

Providing "the finest Kobe beef" is Kawamura's policy