Cuisine - Japanese Cuisine

Yakumo Saryo

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine children 12up

A place of dining and cuisine where Japanese culture is meets modern styles.

Wagokoro Izumi

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

A Michelin 2-stars Kyoto Cuisine Restaurant


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine children 7up

Enjoy traditional Japanese vegetarian and vegan meals inside a Kyoto temple

Wa Yamamura

Other Regions Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Nara's one and only 3 Star Michelin Japanese Restaurant

Roan Kikunoi

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Michelin 2-Stars and the sister restaurant to Kikunoi Honten


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Renowned 2 Michelin Star restaurant highly sought after for reservations

Nihonryori RyuGin

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Michelin 3-Star Restaurant ranked as one of the best restaurants in the world.

Godan Miyazawa

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Beautiful Kaiseki Cuisine at a 1-Star Michelin Restaurant

Kyoto Kamogawa Nouryou-Yuka

Other Regions Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Kikunoi Honten

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Japan's most prestigious fine-dining Japanese-style Restaurant (Michelin 3-Star)

Japanese Cuisine Yuki

Osaka Japanese Cuisine Baby OK


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

The newest star of Kyoto's culinary world that gourmands cannot stop talking about