Shorenin Monzeki-mae TSUKIOKA
青蓮院門跡前 月おか

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine

A place where the true essence of Japan and its culinary culture can be experienced with all five senses.

“Is this a restaurant or a museum?” is a question many visitors have when stepping into Shorenin Monzeki-mae Tsukioka.
Behind the counter lies a gallery of antique plateware and other dining items, some from the Momoyama period of Japan, others from the Chinese Ming dynasty and Korea’s Joseon dynasty, and these antiques are used unsparingly to serve guests.
Chef Tsukioka’s passion has long been to spread his love of Japanese food culture to the world, and although temporarily derailed by the coronavirus pandemic, he opened Tsukioka in Kyoto in order to pursue this mission.
The chef personally procures wild ingredients from the mountains and fresh vegetables from the fields and prepares them to be served on the plateware specifically chosen for that dish. All his strictly-selected ingredients are cooked in the “okudo (traditional furnace oven)” placed in the center of the kitchen. The flavors of charcoal-cooked meat and vegetables have a richness that those cooked over gas-burners cannot imitate and their sweet aroma, together with that of the fragrant rice also cooked in a earthenware pot, fills the air.
Come and experience this artful concept of “a dining museum” which combines food, antique beauty and the true hospitality of Japan.

Address 16-2 Awadaguchi Sanjobocho, Higashiyamaku, Kyoto
Business hours Lunch: Serving of courses start exactly at 12:00
Dinner: Serving of courses start exactly at 18:00
Closed Tuesdays and last day of the month
Directions 5 minute walk from Kyoto Municipal Subway Tōzai Line Higashiyama Station
5 minute walk from Yasaka Shrine
Price Lunch: ¥15,000 Course
Dinner: ¥30,000 Course
Service Charge 10% service charge required
Seating 8 counter seats
Smoking Prohibited
Children 13 years old and over who can order a course are allowed.
Wi-Fi None
Language None
Parking None
Dresscode Smart Casual required.
Short pants, sandals and sportswear etc are not allowed.
Payment method 【Advance payment for online reservation】
PayPal or Credit Card

【Payment for additional orders at the restaurant】
Cash or Credit Card
Cancellation Policy ※ Cancellations made up to 3 days before the reservation date are eligible to receive a full refund.
※ Cancellations made 2 days before, 1 day before, or on the day of the reservation date are not eligible to receive any refund.
※ All changes to the reservation are required to be made at least 3 days before the reservation date.
※ Requests to change or cancel a reservation made after the specified days above will not be eligible for any refund and requests to change the reservation to an alternative date/time will not be accommodated.

16-2 Awadaguchi Sanjobocho, Higashiyamaku, Kyoto


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