Cuisine - Tempura

Enyu an Kobayashi

Kyoto Tempura MICHELIN

A 1 Michelin Star Tempura establishment which continues to chase perfection in each single bite.

Tempura Kyoboshi

Kyoto Tempura MICHELIN

1 Michelin-starred tempura created by the skills, tradition and techniques passed down through 3 generations in Kyoto Gion.

Tempura Mikawa Keyakizaka Dori

Tokyo Tempura children 12up

Established by the eldest son of the "God of Tempura" Chef Saotome of the prestigious Mikawa Zezankyo.


Osaka Tempura MICHELIN

A rare 1-Michelin starred traditional Japanese cuisine establishment where incredible Tempura is the main course.

Tempura Kawaharasaki

Osaka Tempura children 12up

"Kamigata Tempura". A delightfully crisp and light style of tempura made without using sesame oil and a true representation of Osaka's innovation.

Ippoh Chayamachi

Osaka Tempura Baby OK

"Ippoh" An acclaimed and historic tempura restaurant of Osaka

Tempura Numata

Osaka Tempura MICHELIN

Osaka's most exceptional 2 Michelin Starred tempura establishment.

Tempura Tenboshi

Osaka Tempura Baby OK

Tenboshi. Tempura Numata's sister restaurant where exceptional tempura can be enjoyed at amazingly reasonable prices.

Ippoh Tokyo

Tokyo Tempura Baby OK

Delicious tempura with over 150 years of history.

Tempura Tenboshi Hanare

Osaka Tempura Counter Seat

Tempura Numata's sister restaurant which offers the commitment to excellence, uses the same amazing ingredients and the style of Tempura featured at Tempura Numata.

Tempura Endo Yasaka

Kyoto Tempura children 7up

"Yasaka Endo". The renowned Tempura establishment which was originally founded as a teahouse over a century ago.

Ippoh Honten

Osaka Tempura Baby OK

"Ippoh" An acclaimed and historic tempura restaurant of Osaka