Region - Tokyo

Birdland Ginza

Tokyo Yakitori MICHELIN

The first ever yakitori restaurant in history to be awarded a Michelin star and which established Yakitori as one of the top cuisines.

Edition Koji Shimomura

Tokyo French cuisine MICHELIN

2-Michelin starred French Cuisine in which treasured ingredients are transformed into an unique and original Edition.

Yakumo Saryo

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine children 12up

A place of dining and cuisine where Japanese culture is meets modern styles.

Bifteck Kawamura Tokyo Ginza

Tokyo Wagyu Beef Baby OK

Providing "the finest Kobe beef" is Kawamura's promise

Providing "the finest Kobe beef" is Kawamura's promise.


Tokyo French cuisine MICHELIN

Michelin 3 Star & Green Star-awarded French restaurant ranked as one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants. Continuously pushing the boundaries of gastronomy.

Ippoh Tokyo

Tokyo Tempura Baby OK

Delicious tempura with over 150 years of history.

Usuki Fugu Yamadaya Nishiazabu / Marunouchi

Tokyo Nabe Cuisine MICHELIN

Long-established Restaurant Listed in the Michelin Guide as 2 Stars specializing in serving fugu (pufferfish)

Torafugu no Kai

Tokyo Nabe Cuisine Baby OK

Sushiya Ichiyanagi

Tokyo Sushi children 12up

Ginza's famous sushi establishment.

Sushiya Ginza Honten

Tokyo Sushi Counter Seat

Expect an exceptional sushi experience through perfect skills and pleasant hospitality at Sushiya Ginza Honten.

Nihonryori RyuGin

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Michelin 3-Star Restaurant ranked as one of the best restaurants in the world.