Region - Kyoto


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Counter Seat

Fully experience and feel Kyoto Gion's culture and tradition through your five senses.

Shorenin Monzeki-mae TSUKIOKA

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine children 12up

A place where the true essence of Japan and its culinary culture can be experienced with all five senses.


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine

2 Michelin-starred cuisine which provides a truly memorable dining experience of Japanese cuisine and wine in Kyoto Gion.


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Ingenious and unique Kyoto cuisine created through a foundation in traditional Japanese cuisine and vast experience of culinary training in various countries.

Shimogamo Saryo

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

A time-honored establishment of Kyoto Cha-Kaiseki cuisine with over 150 years of history and tradition.


Kyoto Innovative Counter Seat

A unique and innovative gastronomic experience in Kyoto which continues to amaze both fans and critics from around the world.

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro

Kyoto Wagyu Beef Counter Seat

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Yasaka-Tei

Kyoto Wagyu Beef Counter Seat

Located near Yasaka-no-Tou Pagoda & Kennin-ji Temple, enjoy wagyu with a view of beautiful Japanese Garden.

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Gion Yamana-an

Kyoto Wagyu Beef Counter Seat

Enjoy Wagyu Yakiniku and Kyoto Cuisine in a remodeled Kyoto Japanese Inn and Restaurant

Kyoto Yakiniku Hiro Pontocho

Kyoto Wagyu Beef Counter Seat

Enjoy delicious wagyu beef in an exquisite atmosphere in Kyoto


Kyoto Wagyu Beef Baby OK

Shinmonzen Yonemura

Kyoto Innovative children 12up

2 Stars Michelin Innovative Restaurant featuring Kyoto x French x Japanese Cuisine