Cuisine - Innovative

Hida Kisetsuryori Sakana

Other Regions Innovative children 12up

A true expression of gratitude to the blessing of mother nature.
A Michelin-starred seasonal cuisine created with fresh ingredients procured from both mountain and river by the chef.


Kyoto Innovative Counter Seat

A unique and innovative gastronomic experience in Kyoto which continues to amaze both fans and critics from around the world.


Other Regions Innovative Lunch

Shinmonzen Yonemura

Kyoto Innovative children 12up

2 Stars Michelin Innovative Restaurant featuring Kyoto x French x Japanese Cuisine


Osaka Innovative Halal/Muslim

The 3-Star Michelin restaurant and pinnacle of Japanese cuisine which continues to amaze the world.

Fujiya 1935

Osaka Innovative Lunch

A dining experience that evokes unforgettable memories of the seasons