Sushiya Ichiyanagi
すし家 一柳

Tokyo Sushi

Michelin Star sushi restaurant famous gourmets rave about

Chef Ichiyanagi visits Tsukiji Market (currently Toyosu) to gather the highest quality seafood and produce from all over the country so that his guests can enjoy the best ingredients to be prepared and served in each dish and pace of sushi.

Chef Ichiyanagi has his own distinct style and the temperature and amount of the rice is carefully measured and adjusted based on the type of “neta” or topping for the sushi. The luxurious of its taste will no doubt have you craving for more.
Chef Ichiyanagi’s abundant experience and masterful expertise has made Sushiya Ichiyanagi an extremely popular restaurant and one which has become continuously harder and harder to get reservations at. 

Address 1F, 1-5-14 Ginza Chuoku Tokyo
Business hours 2 Time Slots:
11:30 to 14:00
17:00 to 22:00
Closed Irregular Holidays
Directions 2 min walk from exit 6 of Ginza-itchome Station, Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line
Telephone +81-3-3562-7890
Price 【Lunch】
Nigiri Sushi only

Appetizers with Sushi

Nigiri Sushi only

Appetizers with Sushi

※ The price includes the consumption tax.
Service Charge 10% service charge required
Seating Counter Seating 10 Guests.
1 Private room (4 Guests).
1 Private Room with table (for 10 to 20 Guests).
Smoking Prohibited
Children Children are allowed but must order a course.
Wi-Fi None
Language None
Parking None (please use nearby coin-operated parking).
Dresscode No particular dress code enforced. However, we ask that no overly casual wear i sworn (shorts, t-shirts, sandals, etc. ).
Payment method Please fill out the reservation form on this website.
※ Advance payment for reserved courses is required.
※ Any additional orders that you make for food or drink at the restaurant are to be paid for at the restaurant after your meal.

1F, 1-5-14 Ginza Chuoku Tokyo


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