Region - Osaka


Osaka French cuisine Lunch

A 1 Michelin star restaurant which expresses the terroir of Japan through French cuisine.

Sushi Kaiko

Osaka Sushi Counter Seat

Sushi with a delicate balance of flavor created by red vinegar which has been used since the Edo period.


Osaka Innovative children 12up

Osaka's Washoku cuisine, where guests can feel the personality, tastes, and creativity of the chef in every dish.

Fushimicho Kakoiyama

Osaka Japanese Cuisine children 12up

Kaishoku Shimizu

Osaka Japanese Cuisine children 12up

Cuisine that doesn't stray from the essense of Japanese cuisine and brings out the best of its ingredients, but with an innovative and modern approach.


Osaka Innovative children 7up

Satisfying both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, BEARS LAB's creative cuisine will leave everyone happy and convinced of its quality.

Teppan Mahoroba Shinsaibashi

Osaka Wagyu Beef Counter Seat

A teppanyaki restaurant that will satisfy you in Osaka's bustling downtown.

Awajishima NOBU Osaka

Osaka Sushi Counter Seat

Experience the unforgettable sushi that every sushi enthusiast has been longing to taste again in Osaka


Osaka Japanese Cuisine children 12up

Enjoy heartwarming Japanese cuisine in a traditional Japanese house located in the mountains of Osaka, endorsed by a top Michelin-starred chef.


Osaka Italian Cuisine children 7up

Unique Innovative Italian-based cuisine created by the Japanese pursuit of "flavors beyond borders".

Sennari Sushi

Osaka Sushi Counter Seat

Authentic Edomae Sushi made in Awaji, Osaka by the former top apprentice of 2-Michelin starred Sushiyoshi.

Mahoroba Irori Shinsaibashi

Osaka Wagyu Beef children 12up

The best Wagyu beef cooked and enjoyed over a irori hearth.