Region - Osaka

KashiwayaOsaka Kitashinchi Store

Osaka Japanese Cuisine Counter Seat

Osaka's Japanese cuisine restaurant which continues to earn 3 Michelin Stars
Kashiwaya's Counters-style Restaurant

Koryu Keishin

Osaka Japanese Cuisine children 12up

Keeping the culinary legacy and tradition of Koryu alive through a brand new à la carte menu.


Osaka Japanese Cuisine Counter Seat

A unique depth and feeling in each single dish. A 2 Michelin-star forerunner of Japanese cuisine.

Bifteck Kawamura Premium Kitashinchi

Osaka Wagyu Beef Baby OK

Providing "the finest Kobe beef" is Kawamura's promise

Tempura Numata

Osaka Tempura children 12up

Osaka's most exceptional 2 Michelin Starred tempura establishment.

Tempura Tenboshi

Osaka Tempura Baby OK

Tenboshi. Tempura Numata's sister restaurant where exceptional tempura can be enjoyed at amazingly reasonable prices.

Kobe Steak Ishida LINKS UMEDA

Osaka Wagyu Beef Counter Seat

Enjoy the finest cuts of authentic Kobe Beef in Umeda Osaka!

Tempura Tenboshi Hanare

Osaka Tempura Counter Seat

Tempura Numata's sister restaurant which offers the commitment to excellence, uses the same amazing ingredients and the style of Tempura featured at Tempura Numata.


Osaka Nabe Cuisine children 12up

Osaka's 1-Michelin Star Fresh Wild Fugu restaurant.

Sushi Murakami Jiro

Osaka Sushi Counter Seat

Michelin One Star. Established by the top apprentice who graduated from Osaka's leading sushi restaurant


Osaka Sushi Counter Seat

A revolutionary style of Sushi recognized with 2 Michelin Stars.

Osaka Torafugu no Kai

Osaka Nabe Cuisine Baby OK