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Cà sento

Kobe (Hyogo) Innovative children 12up

Cuisine is the creation of something through collective effort. The pinnacle of 3-starred innovative cuisine in Kobe.

Mahoroba Irori Okinawa

Okinawa (Ishigaki Island) Wagyu Beef Baby OK

The increasingly popular 'Irori' style arrives in Okinawa.

Junidanya Honten

Kyoto Wagyu Beef children 12up

The renowned restaurant in Gion Kyoto where the cuisine Shabu-shabu originated from.

Fushimicho Kakoiyama

Osaka Japanese Cuisine children 12up

Nihon Yakiniku Hasegawa Bettei Ginza Branch

Tokyo Wagyu Beef children 12up

Have you ever experienced this brand new culinary experience of the fusion between Japanese cuisine and Yakiniku?

Kaishoku Shimizu

Osaka Japanese Cuisine children 12up

Cuisine that doesn't stray from the essense of Japanese cuisine and brings out the best of its ingredients, but with an innovative and modern approach.

Teppan Mahoroba Shinsaibashi

Osaka Wagyu Beef Counter Seat

A teppanyaki restaurant that will satisfy you in Osaka's bustling downtown.

Kogane Shabu-shabu Takafuku

Chubu (Hokuriku) Nabe Cuisine Baby OK

Indulge in the exquisite shabu-shabu of premium wagyu beef cooked in the "golden broth" which takes over 10 hours to make every single day.


Kyoto Innovative children 7up

Enjoy exquisite cuisine by Chef Asano with a focus on French fond/dashi - stock made with Kyoto water and seasonal and locally sourced ingredients with special wine pairing to enhance the flavors and elevate the culinary experience.


Tokyo Sushi Counter Seat

A sushi establishment which specializes in the concept of the marriage of sushi and wine, and one everyone wants to keep a secret for themselves.

entre nous

Kobe (Hyogo) French cuisine Lunch

A private members-only French cuisine restaurant which is now accepting exclusive reservations.

Mahoroba Irori Shinsaibashi

Osaka Wagyu Beef children 12up

The best Wagyu beef cooked and enjoyed over a irori hearth.