Sushi ROKU

Osaka Sushi 1 Star

A 1-Michelin starred sushi establishment which proudly represents Osaka and where you can savor meticulously crafted and balanced sushi.

  • children 13up
  • Counter Seat
  • Private Room
  • Solo Booking

Sushi Roku opened in the autumn of 2006. The restaurant’s name “Roku” is the number “6” in Japanese, taken from the year it was established.

Well-known in Osaka as one of the long-standing sushi restaurants, Sushi Roku has been leading the Edo-mae sushi culture in Kansai for almost 2 decades.

Chef Norihisa Horiuchi is a chef who transitioned from Chinese cuisine to the world of sushi. After discovering the Edo-mae style, he became deeply immersed in his new-found culinary passion and honed his skills and earned his stripes at the legendary 2-Michelin starred sushi restaurant Sushi Yoshi (which is sadly no longer in operation in Japan).

“Sushi is determined by the shari (sushi rice). Even if you put the neta (toppings) from other top sushi restaurants on my shari, it may not result in good sushi. The compatibility and balance between shari and neta is absolutely crucial, and its the shari which shows the real characteristics of a sushi restaurant.” explains Chef Horiuchi, whose warm and kind demeanor reflects his passion and dedication to the path of sushi.

Chef Horiuchi uses two types of vinegar, red and white, for the shari and adjusts its amounts based on the neta he uses that day. This results in sushi with a satisfyingly firm shari and a well-balanced composition.

A highlight of Chef Horiuchi’s Omakase is the Uni sushi which combines different types of sea urchin into one piece. The toppings of each piece of sushi he skillfully serves incorporates a wide variety of culinary techniques such as marinating, simmering, aging, pickling, boiling, and grilling.

Furnished with a counter for 6 and a private room which seats up to 4 guests (which is somewhat rare for a sushi establishment), Sushi Roku is highly recommended for all those who want to enjoy sushi to its fullest extent.
While photography in top sushi restaurants is often restricted, the taking of photographs of the dishes at Sushi Roku is currently allowed.

Address 4-12-22 Nishitenma, Kitaku, Osakashi, Osaka 〒530-0047
Business hours Mon to Sat, Holidays
1st Dinner Service: 18:00
2nd Dinner Service: 20:30
Closed Sundays
Directions 5 minute walk from Naniwabashi Station
8 minute walk from Oebashi Station
10 minute walk from Kitashinchi Station and Higashi-Umeda Station
Price From ¥22,000
Service Charge 10%
Seating 8 Counter seats
1 Private room (Maximum of 4 guests)
Smoking Prohibited
Children Children over 13 years old who can order and eat a course are welcome
Wi-Fi None
Language A little English
Parking None
Dresscode Smart Casual Required.
Short pants, sandals and sportswear are not allowed.
Payment method 【Advance payment for online reservation】
PayPal or Credit Card

【Payment for additional orders at the restaurant】
Cash or Credit Card
Cancellation Policy 【Cancellation Policy】
※ Cancellations made up to 15:00 JST of 3 days before the reservation date are eligible to receive a full refund.
※ Cancellations made after 15:00 JST of 3 days, or within 2 days before, 1 day before, or on the day of the reservation date are not eligible to receive any refund.
※ All changes to the reservation are required to be made at least 3 days before the reservation date.
※ Requests to change or cancel a reservation made after the specified days above will not be eligible for any refund and requests to change the reservation to an alternative date/time will not be accommodated.
※ Reservations will be cancelled and entry will be denied if more than 15 minutes late and no refund will be provided.

4-12-22 Nishitenma, Kitaku, Osakashi, Osaka 〒530-0047


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