La Kanro

Osaka Innovative 3 toques

An artfully innovative restaurant which offers an extraordinary culinary experience and captivates guests with its charm.

  • Counter Seat
  • Private Room
  • Solo Booking
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan

La Kanro, an innovative cuisine restaurant, relocated to its current address in September 2020 amid the COVID-19 pandemic.
Prior to the move and before the pandemic, La Kanro had earned a Michelin star, gaining immense popularity in Osaka to the extent that reservations were extremely difficult to make. It also underwent significant changes to its interior look after the relocation,.

The front door is unlocked upon pressing the intercom on the 1st floor and after proceeding through a mysterious approach, guests reach an elevator to the 2nd floor.

La Kanro features private rooms which are reminiscent of a casino, as well as tranquil private spaces and a 6-seat counter in front of an open kitchen. Its ambiance is truly that of an “atmospheric restaurant”.

Head Chef Junichi Nakamine trained at a Michelin 2-star establishment in Paris before returning to Japan and further honed his skills and learned about communication with guests and the depth of Japanese ingredients in Osaka. He states that his concept is “to share an extraordinary experience of space and cuisine from the moment guests steps into our restaurant”. An astonishing total of 30 dishes is offered in his course meal, each which has evolved from a single inspiration into an unique culinary creation.
Chef Nakamine’s dishes are true works of art, beautifully presented and overflowing with originality. Guests are guaranteed to be captivated by the touch of the extraordinary upon setting foot into La Kanro.

Now in its second chapter, La Kanro is undoubtedly poised to make its mark as a top innovative restaurant, not only in the Kansai region of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, but also as a trailblazer for Japan as a whole.

Address NUI, 3-9 Tenjin Nishimachi, Kitaku, Osakashi, Osaka
Business hours Lunch: 12:00 to 15:00 (Only on Sundays)
Dinner: 18:00 to 22:00
Closed Irregular
Directions 5 minute walk from Minami-Morimachi Station.
Please ring the intercom on the 1st floor once arriving at the front.
Price From ¥28,600
Service Charge 10%
Seating 6 counter seats
Private Room: 2 Rooms (for 4 guests and 6 guests)
Smoking Prohibited
Children Children are accepted if seated in the private room.
13 years old and above are required to order a course.
Food for 13 years and under can be adjusted depending on budget.
Wi-Fi None
Language A little English
Parking None
Dresscode Smart Casual Required.
Short pants, sandals and sportswear are not allowed.
Payment method 【Advance payment for online reservation】
PayPal or Credit Card

【Payment for additional orders at the restaurant】
Cash or Credit Card
Cancellation Policy 【Cancellation Policy】
※ Cancellations made up to 15:00 JST of 6 days before the reservation date are eligible to receive a full refund.
※ Cancellations made after 15:00 JST of 6 days, or within 5 days before, or on the day of the reservation date are not eligible to receive any refund.
※ All changes to the reservation are required to be made at least 5 days before the reservation date.
※ Requests to change or cancel a reservation made after the specified days above will not be eligible for any refund and requests to change the reservation to an alternative date/time will not be accommodated.
※ Reservations will be cancelled and entry will be denied if more than 15 minutes late and no refund will be provided.

NUI, 3-9 Tenjin Nishimachi, Kitaku, Osakashi, Osaka


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