Kaishoku Shimizu
懐食 清水

Osaka Japanese Cuisine 1 Star

Cuisine that doesn't stray from the essense of Japanese cuisine and brings out the best of its ingredients, but with an innovative and modern approach.

  • Gourmet guide-listed
  • children 13up
  • Large Groups
  • Counter Seat
  • Private Room
  • Solo Booking

Kaishoku Shimizu has been continuously awarded 1 Michelin star since 2010.

The name “Kaishoku” combines the kanji characters of 懐 (meaning either “nostalgic” or “bosom”) together with 食 (food) and this expresses the desire for guests at Shimizu to enjoy their meals fully and with the heart. The owner and chef, Chef Toshihiro Shimizu, gained abundant experience at renowned traditional restaurants in Osaka and Ryokans in Arima.

Even after opening his own business, he continues to pursue his passion for cooking by engaging in agricultural training to deepen his understanding of the ingredients he uses. Having being born in a family that owned a fish shop, seafood and fish was something he was accustomed to seeing first-hand from a young age. Through self-study, trial and error, he has honed his skills and has created a style of Japanese cuisine with an innovative and modern approach.

The space at Kaishoku Shimizu features a high ceiling and a straight counter with 11 seats, as well as 4 private rooms with horigotatsu-style seating. Whether dining alone or with company, you are able to enjoy your meal in complete comfort and leisure. Please indulge in the delicate, high-quality, and creative flavors of each dish, which allows you to truly appreciate the excellence of the ingredients used in each one.

Address Shindai Bldg 1F, 1-2-1 Dojimahama, Kitaku, Osakashi, Osaka
Business hours Dinner: 17:00 to 20:00 (Last order)
Closed Sundays
Directions 7 min walk from Yodoyabashi Station of Midosuji Line
5 min walk from Kitashinchi Station of JR Line
12 min walk from Osaka Station of JR Line
Price Dinner: from ¥ 20,960
Service Charge 10%
Seating 11 Counter seats
4 Horigotatsu-style seating private rooms: for 2 to 16 guests each
Smoking Prohibited
Children Small children are not allowed.
13 years and older who can eat a course are welcome.
Wi-Fi None
Language None
Parking None
Dresscode Smart Casual required.
Short pants, sandals and sportswear etc are not allowed.
Wearing of perfume or cologne is prohibited.
Payment method 【Advance payment for online reservation】
PayPal or Credit Card

【Payment for additional orders at the restaurant】
Cash or Credit Card
Cancellation Policy ※ Cancellations made up to 15:00 JST of 3 days before the reservation date are eligible to receive a full refund.
※ Cancellations made after 15:00 JST of 3 days, or within 2 days before, 1 day before, or on the day of the reservation date are not eligible to receive any refund.
※ All changes to the reservation are required to be made at least 3 days before the reservation date.
※ Requests to change or cancel a reservation made after the specified days above will not be eligible for any refund and requests to change the reservation to an alternative date/time will not be accommodated.
※ Reservations will be cancelled and entry will be denied if more than 15 minutes late and no refund will be provided.

Shindai Bldg 1F, 1-2-1 Dojimahama, Kitaku, Osakashi, Osaka


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