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Kyoto Cuisine Shuhaku

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Innovative and sensational Michelin 1-Starred Japanese Cuisine created by the fusion of French and Japanese styles and flavors.


Osaka French cuisine Lunch

A 1 Michelin star restaurant which expresses the terroir of Japan through French cuisine.

Cà sento

Kobe (Hyogo) Innovative children 12up

Cuisine is the creation of something through collective effort. The pinnacle of 3-starred innovative cuisine in Kobe.

Fushimicho Kakoiyama

Osaka Japanese Cuisine children 12up

Kaishoku Shimizu

Osaka Japanese Cuisine children 12up

Cuisine that doesn't stray from the essense of Japanese cuisine and brings out the best of its ingredients, but with an innovative and modern approach.

Enyu an Kobayashi

Kyoto Tempura children 10up

A 1 Michelin Star Tempura establishment which continues to chase perfection in each single bite.

Tempura Kyoboshi

Kyoto Tempura children 12up

1 Michelin-starred tempura created by the skills, tradition and techniques passed down through 3 generations in Kyoto Gion.


Osaka Yakitori children 12up

The legendary establishment in Osaka which was the very first Yakitoriya to be awarded a Michelin star in the Kansai area.

Akasaka Kikunoi

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

"A Kyoto of the East" nestled in the hubbub of Tokyo.
A proud 2 Michelin Starred establishment which represents Kyoto and Japanese cuisine located in Tokyo.

Honami (formerly known as Suginoi)

Chubu (Hokuriku) Japanese Cuisine children 10up

A long-standing 2 Michelin establishment where the true nature of Kanazawa's cuisine and hospitality can be fully experienced.


Osaka Tempura children 12up

A rare 1-Michelin starred traditional Japanese cuisine establishment where incredible Tempura is the main course.

Birdland Ginza

Tokyo Yakitori Counter Seat

The first ever yakitori restaurant in history to be awarded a Michelin star and which established Yakitori as one of the top cuisines.