Others - Innovative


Kyoto Innovative MICHELIN

Trio presenting their innovative cuisine to the world

Gion Roiro

Kyoto French cuisine MICHELIN

Counter seating only, Michelin 1-Star French Restaurant with black interior design


Other Regions Innovative MICHELIN

Usuki Fugu Yamadaya Nishiazabu / Marunouchi

Tokyo Nabe Cuisine MICHELIN

Long-established Restaurant Listed in the Michelin Guide as 2 Stars specializing in serving fugu (pufferfish)


Osaka Innovative MICHELIN

Shinmonzen Yonemura

Kyoto Innovative MICHELIN

2 Stars Michelin Innovative Restaurant featuring Kyoto x French x Japanese Cuisine

Wagokoro Izumi

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

A Michelin 2-stars Kyoto Cuisine Restaurant


Osaka Nabe Cuisine MICHELIN

Osaka's 1-Michelin Star Fresh Wild Fugu restaurant.

Sushi Murakami Jiro

Osaka Sushi MICHELIN

Michelin One Star. Established by the top apprentice who graduated from Osaka's leading sushi restaurant


Osaka Sushi MICHELIN

A revolutionary style of Sushi recognized with 2 Michelin Stars.

Wa Yamamura

Other Regions Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Nara's one and only 3 Star Michelin Japanese Restaurant


Osaka Innovative MICHELIN

The 3-Star Michelin restaurant and pinnacle of Japanese cuisine which continues to amaze the world.