Others - French cuisine

Edition Koji Shimomura

Tokyo French cuisine MICHELIN

2-Michelin starred French Cuisine in which treasured ingredients are transformed into an unique and original Edition.

Koryu Keishin

Osaka Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Keeping the culinary legacy and tradition of Koryu alive through a brand new à la carte menu.


Osaka Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

A unique depth and feeling in each single dish. A 2 Michelin-star forerunner of Japanese cuisine.

Tempura Numata

Osaka Tempura MICHELIN

Tempura Numata, the 2 Michelin Starred establishment which has the everyone convinced.


Tokyo French cuisine MICHELIN

Michelin 3 Star & Green Star-awarded French restaurant ranked as one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants. Always pushing the boundaries of gastronomy.


Kyoto Innovative MICHELIN

Trio presenting their innovative cuisine to the world

Gion Roiro

Kyoto French cuisine MICHELIN

Counter seating only, Michelin 1-Star French Restaurant with black interior design


Other Regions Innovative MICHELIN

Usuki Fugu Yamadaya Nishiazabu / Marunouchi

Tokyo Nabe Cuisine MICHELIN

Long-established Restaurant Listed in the Michelin Guide as 2 Stars specializing in serving fugu (pufferfish)

Shinmonzen Yonemura

Kyoto Innovative MICHELIN

2 Stars Michelin Innovative Restaurant featuring Kyoto x French x Japanese Cuisine

Wagokoro Izumi

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

A Michelin 2-stars Kyoto Cuisine Restaurant


Osaka Nabe Cuisine MICHELIN

Osaka's 1-Michelin Star Fresh Wild Fugu restaurant.