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Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Ingenious and unique Kyoto cuisine created through a foundation in traditional Japanese cuisine and vast experience of culinary training in various countries.

Yakumo Saryo

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine children 12up

A place of dining and cuisine where Japanese culture is meets modern styles.


Tokyo French cuisine MICHELIN

Michelin 3 Star & Green Star-awarded French restaurant ranked as one of Asia’s 50 best restaurants. Continuously pushing the boundaries of gastronomy.


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine children 7up

Enjoy traditional Japanese vegetarian inside a Kyoto temple


Osaka Innovative MICHELIN

The 3-Star Michelin restaurant and pinnacle of Japanese cuisine which continues to amaze the world.

Kyoto Kamogawa Nouryou-Yuka

Other Regions Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Gion Suetomo

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Experience the essence and beauty of Kyoto kaiseki cuisine with all five senses.


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

The ultimate in seasonal tastes, comfort and hospitality


Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Baby OK


Kyoto French cuisine MICHELIN

The Unification of the Host and Guest

Ichijunisai Ueno Toyonaka

Osaka Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

Countless must-try dishes filled with the best of dashi, the key ingredient of Japanese cuisine.

Ichijunisai Ueno Mino

Osaka Japanese Cuisine MICHELIN

The famed Michelin-starred restaurant located near Minoo National Park.