Introducing my experience at Sushi Mizukami.

With the quality of the sushi as exceptionally high as it is, it's almost shocking that Sushi Mizukami hasn't yet been awarded a Michelin star.
This Tokyo-based sushi establishment is immensely popular and reservations are very difficult to make. This is not as surprising, considering that Chef Mizukami honed his skills for 16 years at the renowned Sukiyabashi Jiro before venturing out to start his own business.

My Concierge Japan Affiliated Restaurant

Recommended by a Top Chef:Birdland (Yakitori) / Head Chef Wada

Chef Wada is the head chef of Birdland, the first yakitori restaurant in Japan to be awarded a Michelin star in the Yakitori category. Chef Wada has been a loyal patron of Sukiyabashi Jiro of many years and so introduced Sukiyabashi Jiro's former-apprentice Chef Mizukami and his establishment to us. We at My Concierge now exclusively handle international reservations for Sushi Mizukami.

As can be seen from the exterior, overall aesthetic of the restaurant is based on white and one of freshness and simplicity. 

The restaurant has 8 counter seats but can squeeze up to 9 guests if necessary.

This scarcity of seating fills you with an air and sense of exclusivity as the counter comes into view. 

Our group was politely shown to our seats and this cute decorations of the Seven Lucky Gods and 12 Chinese Zodiac animals behind the counter caught my eye.

We were asked what we would like to drink.

Here I would like to assure the readers that most of the staff, including the Taisho (chef), are able to communicate in basic English.  There are even 1 or 2 staff members who can understand Korean and French! 

The Chef is always eager to communicate with his guests and the lack of distance between him and the seats means that everyone has equal opportunity to do so. 

(Please note that specific placement at the counter such as “directly in front of the chef” etc cannot be accommodated.)

I ordered a non-alcoholic Strawberry Vinegar based Soda beverage which was recommended to me by the Chef and which was rich and refreshing! 

Of course there is a wide variety of Japanese Sakes available to be ordered.

Others in my group got the Sake pairing from a line-up which was personally selected by the Chef. 

Let’s move on to the introduction of the course meal. 

I had ordered the appetizer and Nigiri-sushi based course and so the appetizers were the first to be served one by one. 

The appetizers which impressed me the most this small bowl of squid with salty uni (sea urchin) . The chewy sweetness paired well with the smooth saltiness of the uni. 

Then came the Nigiri-sushi which is of course the main stars of the show. I cannot share them all so here are just a few which I liked the most. 

Chef Mizukami began creating and serving the most beautiful sushi with the utmost skill, precision and grace. 
I may have forgotten to mention this, but while its considered bad manners at many sushi restaurants, Sushi Mizukami graciously allows the taking of photographs at the counter so that guests can look back on this experience in the future. 


It just absolutely melts on your palate. 

Hokkigai (Surf Clam).

Perfect for those who enjoy a chewy texture.

Samma (Mackerel Pike/Pacific Saury).

An amazing combination of the aroma of the salt-grilled exterior and the flavor of the still raw fish on the inside. 


One thing to admire is how the Chef adjusts the amount of the shari (rice) based on the neta (topping) used, so that there is a perfect balance of rice and topping. 

Of course only the most in season fish and ingredients are used every day at Sushi Mizukami. So its also very important that all guests sit down with no perfume or cologne on as it may ruin the experience for themselves and the other patrons.

Each piece of sushi just made me even hungrier for the next and I was lost in a whirlwind of flavors. 

“This Tamago-yaki (omelet) is the final dish” were the words which woke me from my meander in Sushi dreamland. 

For a moment I was a little confused as it almost looked like a dessert. I placed it in my mouth and the most rich sweetness filled my mouth and I could not believe this was an omelet. 

Each dish and course of my meal was simply outstanding.

I have been to some sushi establishments where guests add soy sauce or other condiments to the sushi by themselves, however this is not the style at Sushi Mizukami and the all the flavors are already carefully managed by the chef before they are served. 

He also graciously does not require that his sushi is eaten directly by hand and those who are adverse to this are welcome to use chopsticks.

One thing to note is that the acidity of the shari due to the amount of vinegar used in it is on the slightly more potent side. Finding a top sushi restaurant which fits your personal preference in terms of shari flavor is a fun and important part of becoming a sushi connoisseur. 

I fully enjoyed this Omakase course which was filled with the thoughts and emotions of the Chef and cannot recommend Sushi Mizukami highly enough. 

It is a restaurant at which reservations are already difficult to acquire, however there is availability here and there so we definitely recommend you try to do so before it becomes even more popular, or god forbid, receives a Michelin star. 

We at My Concierge Japan do not exclusively represent only Michelin-starred restaurants but we also carefully curate and select outstanding restaurants which are recommended to us by top chefs in the industry, as well as foodies from across the country.
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