Today, I would like to introduce you to Mahoroba Teppan Shinsaibashi, located in Osaka's Shinsaibashi.

Mahoroba Teppan Shinsaibashi is a restaurant where you can enjoy courses centered around Awaji Beef, as well as dishes prepared through different cooking methods according to the respective ingredients, such as on a teppanyaki grill or on "shichirin" (small charcoal grill).

The interior of the restaurant is of a warm and welcoming ambiance , allowing guests to enjoy carefully-selected ingredients in comfort and real hospitality.

Its also located only a mere 10-minute walk from Dotonbori, making it a very convenient place to visit. I highly recommend giving it a try.

My Concierge Japan Affiliated Restaurant

Recommended by a Top Chef:Sushidokoro Kurosugi / Head Chef Kurosugi

The owner of Teppan Mahoroba Shinsaibashi is a regular patron of Sushidokoro Kurosugi. His wish is for more international guests to be able to experience delicious and exciting teppanyaki cuisine.
Thanks to an introduction from Chef Kurosugi, we at My Concierge now exclusively handle international reservations for Teppan Mahoroba Shinsaibashi

Here’s the exterior look of Mahoroba Teppan Shinsaibashi, located in Shinsaibashi which is a popular tourist area in Osaka.

It has a very luxe and classy appearance as you can tell.

Upon entering the restaurant, you begin to feel its warm atmosphere, perhaps amplified on this day by the rainy weather outside.

Today’s course will be prepared by Chef Wada, a seasoned professional who previously worked at the renowned nearby-restaurant “Miyazaki-kan” for many years.

We began our course meal with a toast.

While every dish was absolutely fantastic, I would like to share a few which left a particularly strong impression on me.


Oh my, what an interesting presentation the first dish was. 

This is what I found upon lifting the lid.

An unique appetizer of Awaji beef, shrimp, and egg , served as a “yukhoe” (Korean-style tartar).

The beef was juicy and delicious, and the egg and shrimp provided a mellowness which tempered the oiliness of the meat. It was a harmonious combination.

Part of the main course was king crab. I am sure you can tell that it was a very generous amount just by looking at the picture. 

I had ordered the MENOU Course which is a luxurious course created to allow guests to be able to enjoy not just meat and teppanyaki, but also other premium ingredients, such as this king crab.

King Crab served with vermouth sauce, together with another premium and luxurious ingredient: caviar.

Its visual appearance was superb, truly one of opulence.

The creamy vermouth sauce blended together with the rich flavor of the slowly-grilled crab, spreading a delightful aroma throughout my palate.

Here’s the star of the show: the meat!

This cut was the Chateaubriand from Awaji Beef, a brand of Japanese beef. 

Another feature of the MENOU course is that it offers a very generous portion of meat, a whopping 250g per person! (The image is of a cut for three people.)

I was almost a little worried about whether I could finish eating such a massive portion. 

I eagerly dug into my steak and my palate was filled with its meaty goodness, bringing a smile to my face. I closed my eyes and savored its tender texture and amazing flavor.

I recommend eating your steak as soon as it is plated,  as its not too hot and at just the right temperate to eat straight away. 

We concluded our courses with this dessert.

It had already been such a substantial meal up to this point, that finishing this dessert was proved to be quite the challenge.

We enjoyed the MENOU course with meat and crab on this instance, but OI recommend the KURAMA course if you do not like or eat crab for any reason (its identical to the MENOU course but just without the crab). 

The restaurant has two private rooms in addition to the counter seats, and this helps families with children or other groups who prefer a private dining experience to enjoy their meal without having to worry about other guests. 

Another amazing feature of dining at Mahoroba Teppanyaki is being able to enjoy bread freshly-made at the nearby ‘Mahoroba Bakery’. This bakery is also known as the ‘Night Bakery’ and is quite famous in Shinsaibashi.

There are various type of breads you can choose from which is warmed on the teppanyaki grill before being served during the appetizer and main course. 

This bread was extremely delicious so I even visited the bakery after my meal at the restaurant to purchase some for home.

Japan is known for its various brands of amazing beef: such as Kobe beef and Miyazaki beef.

Even among such, Awaji beef is a particularly selective brand. This cattle is raised exclusively on Awaji Island which is known for its excellent natural environment, and only about 200 heads of cattle are designated as Awaji beef each year. 

I highly recommend dining at Mahoroba Teppanyaki to enjoy this special Awaji beef when and if you have the opportunity to visit the Shinsaibashi area in Osaka.

It’s the perfect place to experience this unique brand of premium Japanese beef.

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