Sakanaryori Aoyagi is Kyoto's hidden gem and a well-kept secret, known only by those who are familiar with top-level fish cuisine.

Located just north of one of Japan's most famous shrines, Yasaka Shrine, this specialty fish restaurant prepares seasonal fish in its own unique style and combines it with seasonal vegetables.
Head Chef Akihiro Aoyagi only uses the finest fish and ingredients which he himself would want to eat, making sure that every dish serves as a delightful offering to his guests.

Nestled quietly among the narrow streets of Kyoto, Sakanaryori Aoyagi is a hidden restaurant which passing tourists would probably never come across by chance. 

Its entrance exudes the charm of ancient Kyoto and leads into a space rich with historical ambiance.

Sakanaryori Aoyagi is located within walking distance of Yasaka Shrine.

It operates on a strict reservation-only basis, serving only one reservation per day. These reservations are extremely difficult to secure, even for locals, and are limited to known patrons or trusted referrals.

 My Concierge Japan offers a reservation service for international guests and are now able to assist tourists and travelers to experience the exquisite fish cuisine meticulously crafted by the dedicated and passionate owner/chef Chef Akihiro Aoyagi. 

Born in Kyoto, Chef Aoyagi honed his skills in culinary school from a young age, where he became captivated by fish cuisine and the fusion of Japanese and Western cooking methods. He passionately explored ways to maximize the flavors of the fish he came in contact with.

Chef Aoyagi opened his own business at the tender age of 30 years old.

Even to this day, he visits the market every morning, cherishing each encounter with the fish he finds. 

Chef Aoyagi, an expert in all things fish, is also a connoisseur of Japanese sake with a extensive knowledge in it.  

He is constantly seeking out new varieties of premium sake which he personally selects to serve in his restaurant.

This sake was from a 14th generation brewery well-known for its rich aroma and sharp taste and it paired perfectly with Chef Aoyagi’s dishes.

Photo Above: Noresore (young conger eel) and Uni (sea urchin)

The first impression of Nore-sore (young conger eel) is characterized by its unique texture and rich flavor. It does not have any unpleasant flavors and instantly delights the tongue with its delightfully smooth texture.

I enjoyed a variety of fish dishes including sashimi, sushi, simmered fish, and chawanmushi (steamed egg custard).

Each dish was prepared in a way which complemented the unique qualities of that particular fish and allowed its natural flavors to shine through.

There is always something new to discover with each visit as different seasonal ingredients are used every season, and this adds to the charm of the experience at Sakanaryori Aoyagi. 

The end of the meal was Sushi.

This sushi crafted by Chef Aoyagi’s skilled hands was a beautiful work of art.

The aroma of the special red vinegar spread through my palate and enhanced the flavor of the fish exponentially. Being able to watch the process of it being created right before your eyes also allows you to savor the sushi with all five of your senses.

The dessert was seasonal strawberries.

It was simple, yet highlighted the splendidness of carefully-selected premium ingredients and it was a dish which truly stood out and spoke to me. 


When traveling in Japan, it’s easy to opt for quick and inexpensive meals like ramen or okonomiyaki.

However, if you’re on a once-in-a-lifetime journey, why not take the opportunity to spoil yourself and truly invigorate your mind and body with a special culinary experience?

Sakanaryori Aoyagi is our perfect recommendation for those seeking such a special experience. In this exclusive restaurant, limited to one reservation per day, guests savor an amazing meal at their own pace while engaging in conversation with the chef and this makes for a truly unique culinary experience.

We at My Concierge Japan do not exclusively represent only Michelin-starred restaurants but we also carefully curate and select outstanding restaurants which are recommended to us by top chefs in the industry, as well as foodies from across the country.
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