Thank you for your request for a reservation.
We have found seating availability at the requested restaurant on the requested time. Please proceed to completing payment within 48 hours.
Your reservation will be fully complete and seating will be reserved once payment has been confirmed.
Please note that payment for any additional orders on the day of the reservation is to be paid at the restaurant after your meal.
Please enter your Reservation Name and the Payment Total you received in your email below and complete payment via Credit Card.


Once payment has been completed, you will receive a Reservation Completed email.

The payment will show on your credit card statement as「JPN RESERVE / JPN RESTAURANT PAY」.

Your reservation will be terminated if payment is not completed and confirmed within 48 hours. Thank you for your understanding.

Please carefully read and review the Cancellation Policy included in the email you received and proceed with payment after agreeing the terms in the Cancellation Policy.
Full refunds are available for all cancellations made in accordance to the Cancellation Policy. However, please note that there may be small differences in the refund amount due to currency exchange fluctuation.

Please note that refunds will not be possible for cancellations that are not made in accordance to the cancellation policy and terms.

Please be sure to arrive at the restaurant 5 to 10 minutes before your reservation time.
The restaurant may cancel your reservation in cases you are significantly late and refuse entry into the restaurant. Please contact us as soon as possible regarding any potential delays.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.