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Kogane Shabu-shabu Takafuku

Chubu (Hokuriku) Nabe Cuisine children 10up

Indulge in the exquisite shabu-shabu of premium wagyu beef cooked in the "golden broth" which takes over 10 hours to make every single day.

Enyu an Kobayashi

Kyoto Tempura Gourmet guide-listed

A 1 Michelin Star Tempura establishment which continues to chase perfection in each single bite.

Kuishinbo Yamanaka

Kyoto Wagyu Beef children 10up

The final destination of all true connoisseurs of fine and authentic wagyu beef.

Honami (formerly known as Suginoi)

Chubu (Hokuriku) Japanese Cuisine Gourmet guide-listed

A long-standing 2 Michelin establishment where the true nature of Kanazawa's cuisine and hospitality can be fully experienced.

Wagokoro Izumi

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Gourmet guide-listed

A Michelin 2-stars Kyoto Cuisine Restaurant

Kikunoi Honten

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Gourmet guide-listed

Japan's most prestigious fine-dining Japanese-style Restaurant (Michelin 3-Star)