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Sushi Miyashita

Tokyo Sushi children 13up

Established by a skilled chef who perfected his skills at a Michelin-starred establishment before becoming independent.


Osaka Japanese Cuisine Gourmet guide-listed

Gently flavorful and delicious Michelin-starred Japanese cuisine you will crave to eat daily.


Kyoto Italian Cuisine Gourmet guide-listed

An innovative Italian restaurant which truly values its ingredients, and was the first restaurant in Kyoto to be included in ASIA'S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS.

Sushi ROKU

Osaka Sushi children 13up

A 1-Michelin starred sushi establishment which proudly represents Osaka and where you can savor meticulously crafted and balanced sushi.

Numata Sou

Osaka Tempura children 13up

The brand new branch of 2 Michelin Starred Tempura Numata.

Gion Nikuryori Oka

Kyoto Innovative Counter Seat

Kyoto Niku Kappo cuisine in which aged meat takes center stage.
Enjoy a pursuit of umami which surpasses that of standard meat cuisine.

La Kanro

Osaka Innovative Counter Seat

An artfully innovative restaurant which offers an extraordinary culinary experience and captivates guests with its charm.

Sushi Kinoshita

Tokyo Sushi Counter Seat

A hidden gem of a sushi restaurant located in Nishi-Azabu, Tokyo which offers a fusion of Japanese Cuisine and Edomae Sushi.

Sushi Ichiei

Osaka Sushi Counter Seat

A true hidden gem of a sushi restaurant in Namba, Osaka, of which the head chef honed his skills at Michelin-starred establishments.

Takashimaya Honten

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Savor premium traditional eel in the historic district of Nihonbashi near Asakusa Temple

Ginza Kitcho

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

The long-standing Ginza Kitcho, one of the birthplaces of the world-famous Japanese Cuisine which continues to spread Japan's proud cuisine and food culture to the world.

Kaga Ryori Akasaka Asada

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Traditional Kaga cuisine which preserves the traditions born in Tokyo and Kanazawa and from which you can feel the splendor of Japan's vibrant history.