Others - Innovative

La Kanro

Osaka Innovative Counter Seat

An artfully innovative restaurant which offers an extraordinary culinary experience and captivates guests with its charm.

Kaga Ryori Akasaka Asada

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Traditional Kaga cuisine which preserves the traditions born in Tokyo and Kanazawa and from which you can feel the splendor of Japan's vibrant history.

Ginza Ryotei Yonemura

Tokyo Japanese Cuisine children 12up

Experience Tokyo's historical culinary culture, known as "Edo Ryori," in Ginza.

Kyoto Cuisine Shuhaku

Kyoto Japanese Cuisine Gourmet guide-listed

Innovative and sensational Michelin 1-Starred Japanese Cuisine created by the fusion of French and Japanese styles and flavors.

Edition Koji Shimomura

Tokyo French cuisine Gourmet guide-listed

1-Michelin starred French Cuisine in which treasured ingredients are transformed into an unique and original Edition.