Kobe Steakhouse Garaku is located in Sannomiya, the heart of Kobe, towards the sightseeing spot Ijinkan in Kitano. Our visit this time was for dinner.

The interior of the restaurant is covered with glass, and lighting brightly and beautifully lit.

We decided to go with a course with seafood and Kobe Beef.

The ingredients served for the day, abalone and vegetables. The item in the back is shark-fin.

Salmon Carpaccio.
Although it was light and refreshing, the seaweed underneath nicely highlighted the taste. The salted smoked-salmon whet my appetite.

A picture of the chef at work grilling the food. He is cooking the abalone.

First, was eggplant and carrots dressed with onion sauce, made from onions from Awaji, a place famous for its delicious onions (the onions are known to be so sweet that some people reportedly hold and eat the onion like an apple) . After eating some of the teppanyaki-grilled vegetables, although I am not sure why, they seemed to have a very sweeter taste for some reason.

On to the first main dish, the abalone. They cut it into smaller pieces so they were easier to eat. The thing being poured on the abalone is a liver sauce.

This was the first time that I’ve had teppanyaki grilled abalone, I was surprised at how soft, tender and delicious it was!

The liver sauce contained garlic, this was a nice touch to the abalone.

Next was the second main-dish.

It was grilled shark-fin. A potato starch was added, making one side crispy with nice aroma. The top-side was nice and fluffy.

Next up was the shark-fin with a broiled white miso, and mayonnaise sauce. On top of the shark-fin was a miso with meat.

Shark fin is generally boiled, but it is actually quite a rare sight to eat shark-fin  grilled on a teppanyaki grill.

The taste, texture and balance with the sauce was quite exquisite, and everything was the first time I’ve experienced this. .

For those that have tried it, you probably understand what I mean when I say it’s very unique and an unforgettable taste.

Next up was another highlight for the main dishes, the Kobe Beef.

The aroma of Kobe Beef had my mouth watering, and oh boy did the beef look so good!

Because this dish was one of the highlights of the meal, I have included more pictures.

According to the beef procured by the restaurant, the amount of marbling on the beef also affects how the beef should be cooked, to get the best taste.

The chef recommended that the beef be cooked medium rare, therefore we decided to have it cooked that way.

The meat was tender and practically melted in my mouth.

Two kinds of salt, pepper, homemade wasabi and garlic sauce, and soy sauce were available. My favorite was the salt and the wasabi.

It was fun trying all the different seasonings with the meat. Even though the meat is good enough on its own, the seasonings made it even more delicious!

Next was the rice cooked in the pot. It was slowly being cooked from the beginning of the meal, and was now fully cooked and ready to be served.




Some of the parts of rice that were scorched were really good.

The seasonal rice normally comes with miso soup and pickled vegetables. The pickled vegetable on the left was in the shape of a red-gourd, I thought that was interesting and have never seen it before.

Last was the dessert of course. Even though we were rather full, we still had room for dessert.

This dish was light and refreshing, and was the perfect end to an already great meal.

We were very impressed by how fresh the seafood was, and the quality of the Kobe beef. Highly recommended for those that love seafood/Kobe beef!

Restaurant:ステーキハウス 雅羅倶 (Steakhouse Garaku)

Address 1F/2F Ritz Kitano, 2-14-25 Chuo Yamamoto-dori, Kobe-shi, Hyogo

Business Hours  【Lunch】 11:30 ~ 14:30 (Last order) Closes at 15:30

【Dinner】17:30 ~ 20:30 (Last order) Closes at 22:00

Closed  Wednesdays / 3rd Tuesdays of the Month

(Irregular during Golden Week, New Years and Obon Holidays)


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