Food that makes you "Feel" the season

This was my third visit at Fujija 1935, and my heart was already thumping from the excitement on my way to the restaurant. The exterior of the restaurant is very plain and simple,  so if you wish to visit Fujiya 1935, it may be a good idea to remember the features as the restaurant is easy quite to miss.

Closest station: Sakai Honmachi, Tanikawa 4 cho-me station

Closest station exit: 2 for Sakai Honmachi station, 4 for Tanikawa 4 cho-me station

Fujiya 1935 is introduced as an innovative restaurant in the Michlen Guide.

According to Mr. Fujiwara, people experience deliciousness, only when the brain puts together and organizes the information sent from the tongue. His ideal is to make the kind of cuisine that can be enjoyed not only by taste, but by all the five senses.

The chef says there is a special concept he wishes his guests to feel and understand through his cuisine at Fujiya 1935, after eating there, I felt I was able to get it. 


There is a waiting room just inside the restaurant.

The lighting is just the right level, switching you off from reality.

First came water, sweetened by birch sap.

I was really eagerly looking forward to the the meal about to be served. 


Junsai(Young sprouts of water lily leaves)/Tomato/Iwanashi(A type of wild fruit which it’s taste and texture is somewhat similar to a Japanese pear)

The Jelly on top of the water lily leaf was really beautiful.

Can you see the round yellow thing? That is Iwanashi, which adds crispy texture to the Jelly.

The clear soup and the slightly sour mint jelly really whets our appetite.

Bread made with Shin-cha(Japanese tea made by the young tea leaves of the year)

The bread was baked after sending air bubble into the dough, allowing a fluffy soft texture.

You may want to try eating yourself to know just how soft and fluffy it is. I don’t think its possible to really convey it through words. 

Yao-Edamame(immature soy bean with green buds)

Baby corn

Boiled baby corn with truffle butter on top.

The mellow flavor of truffle butter matches the soft sweet corn, cooked just right.

The butter slowly melts with the heat rising from the baby corn.

Even the corn silk was really good.

Conger with mullet roe sauce

The conger is still raw inside, but the surface is slightly grilled, creating that BBQ smell.

The combination of the raw tender part and the fragrant grilled part was great, and it goes well with the mullet roe sauce as well. 

The plateware used and the way it’s served is also one of the enjoyable things about this cuisine.

Bread with some garnish (rosemary-scented pork fat sauce, sesame and soy milk sauce)

Hot stones are tiled under the bread, keeping it nice and warm.

The bread is good as it is, but the sauce makes it even better.

Out of the two types of sauce, rosemary-scented pork fat sauce is my personal favorite.

Ayu(sweetfish) confit with arugula sauce.

With some green olive sauce on top of Ayu, you can almost imagine the Ayu swimming in clear waters, surround by algae.

The head and the tail are a bit bitter, but you can eat the whole thing.

I personally felt the bitterness of the head to be very tasty.

Fedelini pasta, served with Uni (sea-urchin) and baby squid

Cooked with just the right temperature, the Uni’s fragrant smell is spread throughout the entire dish.

Butterfish with eggplant and ginger

The butterfish is heated gently to preserve the soft texture, which goes well with the sweet&spicy flavor of eggplant and ginger.

The sauce is an excellent match with the butterfish, and the reason why the picture looks a bit messy is because I couldn’t wait to dig in as soon as I saw the dish.

I really want to eat this dish again. 

Wasabi pasta

This was my first time eating pasta as a palate cleanser.

The mix of Wasabi and Yuzu was an excellent way to refresh the mouth. 

Kunugiza Beef with marinated tomatoes

 Eaten alone, Kunugiza Beef has a gentle sweet flavor, but when eaten with some garnish (ham, marinated tomatoes), the combination creates an entirely different taste.


Four different desserts each with its own distinct flavor, each as satisfying as the last. 

Konatsu(a type of Japanese orange) parfait: The coconut’s sweetness and Konatsu’s sourness was a great match, it was still good even when the pith was on Konatsu.

Goat milk cream puff: It had a somewhat different flavor compared with regular cow milk, but still delicious.

Jelly made with shin-cha(tea made with the first young tea leaves of the year):

The sweet cream balances out the bitterness of shin-cha Jelly.

Cake made with honey: The combination of refreshing black tea and the rich cake was awesome and balanced quite nicely. 

◼︎Address: 2-4-14 Yariyamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka2-4-14 Yariyamachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka

Address in Japanese: 〒540-0027 大阪市中央区鎗屋町2-4-14
◼︎Business Hours 
Closed: Sundays・First Sunday of the Month
Lunch : 12:00 p.m. 〜1:00 p.m. (Last order) 
Dinner : 6:00 p.m. 〜8:00 p.m. (Last order) 

Official Website:


Although I did not order it this time, there is a food pairing service which the restaurant chooses liquor for the guest to pair with each dish. 

The photo posted here is when I ordered the food pairing service last time I visited this restaurant.

At the end of the food pairing service, I got to enjoy some of Fujiya 1935’s own self-made liquor, of which I had the choice of 5 different types, all aged at least 5 years. For those that drink, I definitely recommend trying this service out when visiting Fujiya 1935.

(※Depending on the time of year, it seems the service may not be available)

I went in June to visit Fujiya1935, and was able to enjoy some of the fresh seasonal food seed for summer. I would like to try visiting the restaurant during a different season, to see the different seasonal items that would be on the menu. Overall, it was a fantastic experience as always, and the chef and the staff at Fujiya 1935 never cease to amaze me each time I visit. The warm, extremely friendly and hospitable service always makes me smile just thinking about the experience. Due to popular demand, I recommend that reservations be made at least 1-2 months in advance for the best chance of getting seats. 

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