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Hida Kisetsuryori Sakana

Other Regions Innovative children 12up

A true expression of gratitude to the blessing of mother nature.
A Michelin-starred seasonal cuisine created with fresh ingredients procured from both mountain and river by the chef.

Saryo Nicoca

Other Regions Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Authentic traditional Japanese cuisine enjoyed in an atmospheric Edo period-built restaurant in Kanayamachi.

Bifteck Kawamura Himeji

Other Regions Wagyu Beef Baby OK

Providing "the finest Kobe beef" is Kawamura's policy


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Wa Yamamura

Other Regions Japanese Cuisine Counter Seat

The very first restaurant in the history of Nara to receive 3 Michelin Stars.

Kyoto Kamogawa Nouryou-Yuka

Other Regions Japanese Cuisine Baby OK

Enjoy Ishigaki Beef in Okinawa on Ishigaki Island!