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Tempura Endo Yasaka is committed to serving only the freshest and finest seasonal ingredients available and providing service of the highest quality.

Please make your request for a reservation from the form below and then secure your reservation by completing payment for your courses.

We look forward to your visit at Tempura Endo Yasaka.

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    ※We are sorry but children under 13 years of age are not allowed.

    【Dinner】Counter / Private room with counter

    ¥16,500 (18,150) Tempura Zukushi Rokuhara Course (Counter)¥19,800 (21,780) Tempura Zukushi Yasaka Course (Counter)¥19,800 (21,780) Tempura Kaiseki Kiyomizu Course (Counter)¥27,500 (30,250) Tempura Kaiseki Higashiyama Course (Counter)¥33,000 (¥36,300) Omakase Course (Counter)¥44,000 (¥48,400) Omakase Course (Counter)

    【Dinner】Special Private Room

    ¥16,500(18,975) Tempura Zukushi Rokuhara Course (Special Private Room)¥19,800 (22,770) Tempura Zukushi Yasaka Course (Special Private Room)¥19,800 (22,770) Tempura Kaiseki Kiyomizu Course (Special Private Room)¥27,500 (31,625) Tempura Kaiseki Higashiyama Course (Special Private Room)¥33,000 (37,950) Omakase Course (Special Private Room)¥44,000 (50,600) Omakase Course (Special Private Room)

    【Lunch】Counter / Private room with counter

    ¥6,600 (7,260) Aoi Course (Counter)¥9,900 (10,890) Gion Course (Counter)

    【Lunch】Special Private Room

    ¥6,600 (7,590) Aoi Course (Special Private Room)¥9,900 (11,385) Gion Course (Special Private Room)

    ※()Price included in the parentheses includes tax and the restaurant's charge.

    If the seating type chosen is fully booked, I would like to reserve a different type of seating (counter-> private room / private room -> counter)

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    【1】Someone has a food allergy in the reservation .【2】Someone in the reservation has a food that they dislike.【3】Someone in the reservation has a food that they cannot eat due to religious belief.【4】Everyone in the reservation can eat anything.【5】Due to an allergy, the restaurant cannot use the same oil that has been used to cook shrimp, crab or shellfish.
    Any food allergies or food that you cannot eat:

    ※If anyone in your group has any allergies or special dietary requests, please list in as much detail what foods cannot be eaten and also the number of people that it applies to (if it is not listed then the dietary request will be applied to every member of the group).
    ※Please note that the restaurant will be unable to accommodate any sudden dietary requests made at the restaurant on the day of your reservation, therefore please make sure to list it here.
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    How to make a reservation

    • 1. An automated confirmation email will be sent to you once the request is submitted.
    • 2. My Concierge Japan will check to see if a reservation can be made on the date/time you requested.
    • 3. If seating is available, an email and URL link will be sent to you from where you can complete payment for your reservation with a credit card or PayPal. Please complete payment within 48 hours. Once payment is confirmed, an email will be sent to you to let you know that your reservation has been finalized.

      ※ All cancellations made at least 3 days before their reservation date is eligible for a full refund.
      ※Any cancellation made within 2 days of the reservation date (2 days before, a day before and on the date of the reservation) will not be eligible for any refund.
      ※Any changes to the reservation are required to be made at least 3 days before the reservation.

    When making a reservation please be informed of the restaurant rules and regulations that must be followed inside the store as a counter measure for COVID-19 even after cases has decreased, such as social distancing, alcohol disinfection and wearing a mask (if required by the restaurant).

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