Tempura Motoyoshi
天ぷら 元吉

Tokyo Tempura

Experience the four seasons of Japan with Michelin star tempura

One Michelin star, “Tempura Motoyoshi.” Space beautifully decorated by seasonal trees, such as cherry blossoms in spring, tender greens in the summer, and autumn leaves in fall. Guests are taken on a journey through seafood and vegetables, and the seasons of Japan expressed through tempura; the full range and charm of tempura is showcased. By blending rapeseed oil and corn oil with sesame oil in proportion to bring out the sweetness without being too rich, the natural flavors of the ingredients can be savored.

The artisanship learned in knowing how to fry light, and crisp tempura and the various things taught to him by his master are treasured, such as controlling the heat of the oil, to knowing the temperature of the oil by the way clothes are worn. Despite his mastery, Chef Motoyoshi always aims for perfection and always questions everything; he’s always thinking of ways to improve his cooking methods.

Although Motoyoshi is open for dinner only, reservations are accepted for lunch on Saturdays for eight guests only. Relax in this exceptional setting and feel the warmth of each artistically arranged dish. Watch in enjoyment as the chef works his magic to maximize the individual characteristic of the ingredients in each morsel of sumptuous tempura.

Address B1F Central Aoyama No.6, 3-2-4 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Business hours 5:30 p.m. - 12:00 a.m. (Two reservation slots available)Last order at 11:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday and when National Holidays fall on a Monday
Directions 3-minute walk from Gaiemmae Station on the subway Tokyo Metro Ginza Line.
Price Omakase Course ¥19,000(¥20,900)

Lunch served on Saturday only(12~14) ¥11,000(¥12,100)
Dinner served on Tuesday only ¥18,500(¥20,350)

※Please note that the price may vary depending on the ingredients.
※The price above include seating charge and consumption tax.
Service Charge 10% service charge required
Seating Counter seating (8 seats)
Smoking Prohibited
Children 12 Counter Seats
Wi-Fi None
Language None
Dresscode No particular dress code enforced. However we ask that no casual wear be worn (shorts, t-shirts, sandals, etc. ).
Payment method Please fill out the reservation form on this site.
※Advance payment for reserved courses with PayPal or a credit card is required.
※Any additional orders that you make for food or drink at the restaurant are to be paid for at the restaurant after your meal.

B1F Central Aoyama No.6, 3-2-4 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo


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