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To ensure that customers are provided with the highest quality food and service, the restaurant confirms any allergies or preferences in advance and carefully selects, purchases, and preps courses before customers arrive for their reservation. Due to a high volume of requests and to prevent overlap with reservations, we kindly ask that customers secure their booking by paying for their meal in advance. We hope you enjoy your time at the restaurant.

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    I confirm that I would like to make a reservation even if the reservation time is 1 hour earlier/after my originally requested time.

    Menu (Choosing the number of people will display the menu)

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    • Adult
    • ※Children 10-years and older who can order a course are allowed.


    Reservations are normally accepted for 2 or more guests, however for those desiring a reservation for a single person, an extra fee is required due to the special preparation and arrangements required.


    Floor Table

    TASTING MENU STANDARD ¥59,400(Floor Table ¥68,310)TASTING MENU SHORT ¥43,450(Floor Table ¥49,968)Chef's Special Menu ¥66,000(Floor Table ¥75,900)Chef's Special Menu ¥88,000(Floor Table ¥101,200)VEGETARIAN COURSE ¥37,950(Floor Table ¥43,643)


    Floor Table

    TASTING MENU STANDARD ¥46,200(Floor Table ¥53,130‬)TASTING MENU SHORT ¥34,100(Floor Table ¥39,215)Chef's Special Menu ¥66,000(Floor Table ¥75,900)Chef's Special Menu ¥88,000(Floor Table ¥101,200)

    Private Room

    TASTING MENU STANDARD ¥46,200(Private Room ¥54,054)TASTING MENU SHORT ¥34,100(Private Room ¥39,897)Chef's Special Menu ¥66,000(Private Room ¥77,220)Chef's Special Menu ¥88,000(Private Room ¥102,960)
    I would like to change my course(s) to the vegetarian course. 

    ※Prices in the () include 10% Tax and the Seating Charge. An additional 10% reservation charge is required when making an online reservation.

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    【1】Someone has a food allergy in the reservation .【2】Someone in the reservation has a food that they dislike.【3】Someone in the reservation has a food that they cannot eat due to religious belief.【4】Everyone in the reservation can eat anything.
    Any food allergies or dietary restrictions:

    ※Please list the applicable number of guests for any allergies/dietary restrictions (if not specified, the request will apply to all).
    ※Please note the restaurant cannot accommodate any special requests unless notified in advance.
    Comments and Requests
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    How to make a reservation

    • ① After you press send, an automated email will be sent to you. Please check your spam/junk inbox if you have not received an email.
    • ② Reservation service, "My Concierge Japan" will contact the restaurant and check if your reservation can be made for the time you requested. We will send you an email to inform you if the restaurant has seats available or not.
    • ③ If seating is available, a URL link will be sent to you to make payment for your course with a credit card or PayPal. Please make payment within 24-48 hours (payment deadline will be different depending on the date of the reservation). Once payment is confirmed, an email will be sent to you to let you know that your reservation is finalized.
    • ※We provide a 100% refund to customers that make any cancellations at least 3 days before their reservation.
      ※Cancellations made anytime within 2 days of the reservation (2 days , a day before the reservation, or on the day of the reservation) will not be eligible for a refund.
      ※Changes to the reservation date, time, course, number of people, as well as any food requests, are required to be made at least 3 days before the reservation.
      ※Additional orders for food and drink can be made at the restaurant and must be paid at the restaurant after the meal.

    Checklist of 5 questions to keep you safe from COVID-19.*

    This is a checklist created in order to keep you and other dining guests, as well as the restaurant staff, safe from the spread of COVID-19. All measures below are strictly required to be kept by all guests and restaurant staff alike. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please check either of the ☑ below, select the current date and enter your full name.

    A. Prior to the reservation date.

    1. I currently have a body temperature of 37.5°or higher.
    2. I have experienced one of the following symptoms in the last 14 days: fever / coughing / breathlessness / fatigue / impaired sense of taste.
    3. I have come in contact with a person who has experienced the above symptoms in the last 14 days.
    4. I have been to a country or area considered a Travel Warning Level 3 by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan in the last 14 days.
    5. I have been to or attended a facility, event or meeting (excluding public transportation) considered a cluster infection risk in the last 14 days.
    I apply to none of the aboveI apply to one or more of the above

    B. On the reservation date.

    1. I will wear a mask to the restaurant and will only remove it once I am seated
    2. I will disinfect my hands with the alcohol disinfectant placed at the entrance of the restaurant
    3. I understand social-distancing and the need for sufficient space between seats, and will refrain from actions such as talking too loud or too close to the others
    4. I agree to being refused entry to the restaurant if my body temperature exceeds 37.5°when it is measured by the restaurant staff at the restaurant.

    I hereby certify that the above information is true and correct. I agree to cancel my reservation (or be refused entry) if there is any discrepancy regarding the above with any member of my party on the day of the reservation. I fully understand that it is my responsibility to inform all other members of my party of the above and to contact My Concierge Japan in order to facilitate a cancellation or alteration to the reservation if there is any member that applies to one of the points above. I agree to the Cancellation Policy in regards to refunds due to any cancellation or refusal of entry.

    Please check your spam/junk folder. Please also confirm that your email address is correct or you will not receive our emails. After pressing send, you should receive an automated email right away.

    By sending this message, I agree to the privacy policy and all of the terms above.